Product solutions for carts, saws, ladders, and safety among others.

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Our mission is to deliver quality equipment driven solutions designed and developed to meet our customers needs.

Managing Director

Bob Whetstine

Bob Whetstine brings over 30 years of manufacturing, manufacturing management, service management and product development in both the industrial and the retail market segments to ReEnvision.


The foundation of Bobs abilities came from training and experiences gained as a machine tool assembler for a world class Japanese machine tool manufacturing company, Okuma. Continuing education, training and practice were requirements to achieve the highest standards of quality results. A task or solution was either 100% right or wrong, there was no gray area. Based on Bob’s passion and abilities for creative problem solving he was quickly promoted through the ranks of people and process management. Further in his career, Bob became an equipment sales representative. Bob discovered that sales and interacting with customers came naturally for him as long as he truly believed in the quality and value of the product. Eventually developing his own product solutions.

Desire and Determination

Bob’s passion comes from his internal drive and excitement for improving and designing. His passion is converted into ReEnvision’s vision for delivering quality solutions to either a problem that others have yet to figure out, have not considered, or have chosen not to provide a solution.

Our Products

Our focus is to replace “Just good enough” with an exact product for an application driven by:

Recent Innovations
VIM Dock Gate

VIM Dock Gate
Safety Made Easy

Designed to protect personnel from falling off trailer height docks

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Fork Knox Product Protection Pads

Fork Knox
Product Protection Pads

Protective pads that help prevent forklift related damages to products

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Our Solutions

ReEnvision exists to provide unique product solutions to the industrial, retail, and commercial markets. We have a simple goal to produce products that are safe, affordable, reliable, and user friendly. The heart of ReEnvision embraces creativity and real product solutions by utilizing over 100 years of combined manufacturing, machine service, and technical expertise.

Our product solutions are built around the following strategies:

Acknowledge a problem.

Understand the environment.

Develop solutions for that problem.

Design a product incorporating the best solution

Combine reliability and longevity through cycle life testing.

We focus on up-time, simplicity and innovation while improving safety in the workplace.

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ReEnvision came to be because our products were developed to solve challenges that existed, both big and small. Tell us about the challenges you face and your vision for solving them. We will see if we are the right partner for you.


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